During research on people over the age of 50 years old, scientists found out: those who have been practicing simple exercise since the age of 50 are living 1,3 longer than the average sedentary person.( Regardless of specific problems or smoking). In the same group who exercised more regular and advanced sports were 3,5 longer life than those did simple exercise. scientists give us information about effect of exercise on human body

So we come to the conclusion that following a regular exercise program in life, is one of the most important ways for having long and health life.

What should we do after exercise and its effect on human body

Exercise not only help our health of the body, but also help our health of the soul and it gives more focus. Exercise raises our heart rate, each time we inhale more air into the lungs. That strengthens the lungs.

After exercising, a few important things to keep in mind, the most important thing Is to shower. After exercise the body sweats, if the sweat is not wiped off the skin, the pores will close. Closure of the body pores of the skin means that air do not reach the skin, if it does not reach the skin, it can cause problems. Skin stench and darkening of the skin are other side effects of not showering after exercise.

3 advantages of exercise and its effect on human body

Exercise bicycling
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1. It releases Dopamine

Dopamine is an important messenger in the brain that affects the motivation, with each exercise, a significant amount of dopamine is released that makes us happy.

2. It decrease stress

Exercise has a many positive effect on increased dopamine, serotonin, Noradrenaline, which in turn results in greater relaxation. Exercise reduce the effect of stress hormones by affecting the hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal glands.

We all have problems in life that may engulf our minds throughout the day, exercise can be the best way to avoid these problems because when we train, our minds focus on what we do.

3. Increase confidence

Having a healthy soul and body is one of the factors for high self- confidence. On the other hand, exercising bring good physique and having an ideal body means having confidence. People who suffer overweight are generally with low self- esteem. People who exercise regularly have higher sexual power than sedentary people. Scientist believe that people with higher sexual power are more confident.

Why should we wear shoes during exercise

wear sport shoes
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Wearing the right shoes is mandatory in all sport. Without proper footwear, it can cause damage to the body that cannot be remedied. On the other hand, proper sneakers will prevent many problems. Suitable shoes reduce the impact that a foot can have. And we can also wear proper shoes, in order to prevent breaking or twisting of the foot.

Why we should wear proper sportswear

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Wearing the right clothes is an important as wearing shoes. Clothing should be comfortable so that the athlete can comfortably move. On the other hand, material is of great importance. Clothes that are made of yarn are better. On the other hand, clothes with large amount of polyester are not suitable.