Many factors can cause dry and damaged hair:

  • Highly used ironing and hair dryer: excessive heat can damage the hair, because too much heat destroys all the materials needed for healthy hair. On the other hand it also destroyed beneficial hair fats over time.
  • Use of inappropriate shampoo and hair product: first, every person must know characteristics of their hair. According to those feature make the shampoo needed. For example, people with oily hair should not use shampoo for dry hair.
  • Exposure to polluted air: many people may not take this seriously that how badly it affect your hair. Airborne particles settle on the hair and prevent air from reaching it. So, spending a long time on pollution is one of the reason of damaging hair.
  • Lack of beneficial vitamins for hair in the body: hair, like elsewhere in the body, requires vitamins. This beneficial material comes to the body by eating healthy food, vitamins or supplements.

If you have damaged hair for any reason, you can repair it by using our dry and damaged hair treatment easy methods at home without complication.

Great ways to treat damaged hair and have healthy and shiny hair

Almond oil

Almond nut

Bitter almond oil is one of the perfect foods for hair that gives the hair good shine. On the other hand, it relieves dryness of hair.
After shower while your hair still is wet massage your hair with almond oil. Finally after a short time you will see healthy and shiny hair.

Dry and damaged hair treatment with mix of fresh lemon, coconut oil and two tablet of Biotin

Vitamin B7 Biotin

Other name of Biotin is vitamin H and vitamin (B7) because it plays an important role in hair health (also its essential for nails), so must supplements and products contain it to help and treat hair , skin and nail problem. Mix of these 3 materials help u to have shiny and strong hair.

How to use

First, mix water of 2 medium lemon with 3 biotin and 1 teaspoon coconut oil, then spray it to your hair and wait for 10 minutes and wash it.

Rice bran

Rice Bran

Rice bran contain mineral, iron, vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, E, A. Vitamin B5 in rice bran stimulates onion hair it also prevent bleaching and hair loss and causes regrowth of hair. Also vitamin B3 in rice bran help to strengthen hair and prevents thinning of hair, they are also rich in iron and nutrients that help strengthen hair follicles and increases hair growth. Vitamin E and B12 in rice bran causes moisturizing hair.

Method of preparation

Boil a tablespoon of rice bran in a glass of water and pass the filter after 5 minutes, the resulting solution can be mixed with honey or lemon. You can see its great result after 1 mount.


Rosemary increases capillary blood flow to the scalp and it helps the hair get more nutrients.

Rosemary indirectly destroys the undesirable effect of (DHT) and it can control the endo-genetic effect, it reduces hair loss. Rosemary is rich in omega-6 and antioxidants and it has strong antioxidant effect that prevent hair whitening.

On the other hand, the antifungal and antibacterial effect on rosemary are high so, it can be used as anti-dandruff and anti-itching hair. Because bacterial and fungal infections often accumulate on the head and it causes itching and dandruff. Rosemary can help control the secretion of sebaceous glands so less fat is produced on the head as a result , dandruff and fats become much less.

Steps of use

Boil rosemary in water for 5 minutes. First, wash your hair with shampoo and then massage the hair with rosemary water.
(You can use dried rosemary): mix 2 spoon dry rosemary in 1 glass of hot water and wait for 15 minutes.
You may feel warm after use which is quite normal.