Hi friends!
In this video I will show you how to beat boredom at home alone or with family!
Self isolation isn’t as bad as u think but being in quarantine can cause boredom. If you want stay safe, you have to stay home. You and your family need to do things that you love such as Read books, Watching movie, Workout, Cooking, Learn a new language, Clean your home, Have a hobby, Self care, Music, Dance and Call friends. So for save lives we have to pass and enjoy these days with great and easy ideas.

I know you have to stay at home, maybe it’s boring for you to stay at home but don’t worry it’s the best way to control this situation.
Here in this video I’m going show you how you can enjoy these period of times.
I myself am lucky that can works from home, being in isolation, enjoy it, do something exciting and don’t have any problem with being at home and also being alone at home.
I’m going show you how you can enjoy these period of times
Whatever it is, there are great ways to pass time alone or I don’t know maybe with family member.
Being in isolation doesn’t mean we have to be depressed or don’t do anything exciting.

1. Read Books

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, then start reading. It’s good to have refreshments.
It can help you to forget bad news. I’m not so much into fictional. I prefer read romance or scientific books.

2. Watching Movie

I don’t know how much you love TV, I’m not really interested. It’s completely clear yeah? What can I do? It’s better than nothing.

3. Workout

Remember to take care of your health during these times exercise indoors. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your health. All you need is desire. Find a work out that you like. Don’t push yourself too hard, just try to be more relax and enjoy it.

4. Cooking

I know you can’t go your favorite restaurant or café. So, it’s the time show yourself. I wanted show you how to make my favorite dish but chocolate always trick me. What can I do? I love it.

5. Learn New Language

Learn something new. Maybe there is something that you have always wanted to do or learn but you have never had the time to do, for me that thing is learn Russian language. Learning is just always a good things.

6. Clean Your Home

It doesn’t clear how long we are stuck at home, so we have to make nice and clean environment. I was badly busy so it’s great time for me to organize the things. Maybe you don’t like it but it’s better than nothing. When your living space is tidy, so you feel nice. Environment has big impact on our life.

7. Have a Hobby

Do something you love to do, something that make you happy, this can be painting, playing video game or card with family members. You can do it online also.

8. Self Care

You can’t go salon and have beauty services out of home for a while, so let’s care yourself at home.
Its good time to learn how to manicure at home. You can use YouTube, follow those who learn how manicure and pedicure and manicure.

9. Music

Make a list of your favorite music. Listen to your favorite music that’s going to help to change your mood and change your mind off things.

10. Dance

Now here I am trying to learn a keep dance. You can pass time and also moving your body. It make you happier. Please enjoy it. I think it’s hard. I hope I don’t hurt myself. I already got it wrong.

11. Call Friends